Meet Teanna

Female TT German Shepherd Dog Puppy 2017-09-14

Teanna Von Kazmaier is from our own breeding between Titus and Texas Tea.

When I named her, I had not really decided I was keeping her. But she needed a name for training....and training was going so well. So I took her mother's name and added 'anna' behind it. Turns out we did keep her and her name is one I really do like.

Her name is pronounced <TEE-in-ah> She is my 10th GSD in my lifetime, now resay her name. <smiles> The first part of her name is the spelling from her mother's name. All 10 of the GSD I have owned have had names starting with T. (not why she was named that, it just worked out that way)

Born August 11, 2017. Teanna Von Kazmaier will grow to learn to Backpack, be a Bicycle Buddy and much more. If you click on Teanna's name, it will take you to the Pedigree Database Website where you can follow her pedigree back to the 1800's where and when the German Shepherd Dog Breed began. You will also see photos of her Relatives as well as see the Titles they hold/held and Working Jobs, such as Czechoslovakian Border Guards and MI Police Dept.

I could have sold this puppy SEVERAL times, especially as she was growing, as people saw her, out and about with us. She is just so nice....I wanted to keep her and the pedigree she represents.

You can see in her "growth photos" just what GSD Puppy Ears can do. How cute IS THAT!? GSD ears go up and down and over and up and can even curl backwards, but should always be UP and ERECT and strong, not to go back down, by the time the pup is 18 weeks old.

Red Collar Leash Training 2017-10-04

Training began with Teanna, as it does with all of the puppies we breed here, at 6 weeks old. At this point I was not planning to keep her.

With her Sire leaving our Kennel (he is on loan, NOT for breeding purposes), I wanted not only to keep this nice girl, but keep my just never know.

Plus the fact that I just fell in love with her. She is very smart, and clever and typey like her mother. And. She has that silly playfulness of her daddy! Titus has this thing, always did, about using his 'hands', he was so easy to teach tricks and tasks that involved touching or pushing. Teanna seems to have that too. And with the pedigree this girl, Teanna, holds....why would I not! keep this girl?

A good friend of mine, who knows dog breeds, who was raised with well bred GSD, who knows the Standard for the Breed, called Teanna, "Divinely Typey"...such a compliment!

Teanna Sitting 2017-10-14 Teanna Standing 2017-10-14

As you can see she is growing into a very nice, well built, correct, GSD. And training is going very well.

I did not 'stack' her for this photo. She was walking along and of those times that the camera was ready! Thanking God!


TTT Family Photo 2 2017-10-19 Texas Tea & Teanna 2017-10-19

Teanna is out of our own Titus and Texas Tea. If you visit their pages you can see all angles and all types of candid photos of each. If you click on Teanna's Pedigree you can follow it back to the 1800's when the Breed Began. Note all the Working and Titled Dogs within Teanna's Pedigree as you continue to click it back through all the years.

I love these Family Photos. First one is of, Deron with Texas Tea, Teanna, and Titus. The second is of Mother and Daughter, Texas Tea and Teanna.

TTT Family Photo 3 2017-10-19

That first Family Photo was cuter of Teanna, but Titus was sitting kinda cocked, here's a better one of him....but not so good of Teanna, in the middle.

As I look at this photo I imagine all the dogs in their pedigrees sitting behind them....all the Working Dogs, all the Titled Dogs, the Schutzhund Dogs, the Military, Border Guard Dogs, Police Dogs, and I think.....I have a lot of training to start and keep up with this pup, Teanna! She sure has the background to become ANYTHING we train her to become.


Teanna First Ride 2017-10-14 Deron Gives Teanna A Ride 2017-10-14

I have big plans for Teanna, and training has begun. I would LOVE to have a few Bicycle Buddies, and her training has started at 9 weeks old....albeit, RIDING, rather than running with us.

She is hard to see, but if you look, she is riding in the Trailer behind the Bicycle Deron is riding....and look at our other dogs checking this all out. A friend says it looks like they are "making sure it is all safe for her".

Teannas Bike Ride 2017-10-21 Teanna New Trailer 2017-10-21

Deron reworked the bicycle trailer so that Teanna's crate would fit snugly for a ride. This was the test ride. It went well.

Deron Trailering Teanna Rapid City 2017-10-24

More training with the trailer in Rapid City before our trip to MO for the long ride on the Katy Trail. Teanna is doing wonderful! Deron added a padding, kinda like stiff foam between the trailer and the crate for the Katy Trail ride, IT WORKED GREAT, giving Teanna a bit smoother ride.


Teanna Pink Bells Marna Teanna Snow Ride

Teanna's second Bicycle Run was Januray 3, 2018. We did not go far, but she LOVED it. She took a good nap after. But we are sure she will be ready and excited for the next Bicycle Adventure!

Note: See her PINK Bicycle Bells x 2? They are for hearing her on the trail. You can read more about that on the Bicycle Springer page here on this website.

Marna Slip Sliding 2018-01-06

She LOVES running with us on our bicycles! LOVES IT! What she does not like is when I stop to rest or hit ice or icy areas and just spin....SHE LIKE TO GOOOOOO!


Teanna Katy Trail Halloween Bike Bash 2017-10-28 Teanna Mirror Mirror 2017-10-27

The day before Teanna turned 11 weeks old, we loaded her, the bicycle trailer, dog crate, food and toys, and took a 6 day trip to Missouri. Our children and grandchildren live there. Not only that, we met a friend of mine, and Deron's son and took a 20 miles bike ride on the Katy Trail for the Bike Bash....people in costumes, and none of it bothered her, she loved it!

We stayed in 3 Motels and at my son's home, SHE DID NOT POTTY ON ONE FLOOR! Nor in her crate. After the first night, she slept through each night. Everything was new to her and she just took it all in stride.

Teanna Ready At Rocheport 2017-10-27

We arrived in MO and took a short 6.5 mile ride on the Katy Trail in Rocheport. Teanna did great. It was good to get out of the vehicle and ride a bit...and a good warm up for the next day.

more about her travels and photos coming

Teanna Sleeping On Pillow 2017-10-29 Teanna Eating In Hotel Room 2017-10-31 Teanna Hotel Room 2017-10-31

Teanna adapted to everything....eating in Hotel Rooms, Sleeping on my son's dog's bed (he he). Eating and going places she had never seen before. We are quite proud of how well she did on this trip.


Teanna did so well. Costumes and a very long bike ride. Bon Fires and Bands. Strangers in her face....she took it ALL in stride!

At each Trailhead and or "Area" there were little parties, some had live music, some had boom boxes, all had a lot of people. She got out and peed at each one...looking around and not bothered by it at all.

Monster Mash Group Photo 2017-10-28 DEA Deron Holding Teanna 2017-10-28 Monster Mash First Party Stop 2017-10-28


Teanna Harness Training 2018-02-25

Deron and I met as Sled Dog Racers... We have Dog Scooters, Dog Sleds and Dog training our dogs to pull? Just comes natural for us.

No more training then learning to wear a harness and learning the sled dog commands, will go on until she is over a year old, and then, only very light takes a long time to grow a good sled dog.

Teanna Pulling in Harness 2018-02-25

This was Teanna's first time in Harness and first day learning to pull. Note that the sled (ice sleigh) is empty. We do not have our pups pull weight when they are first learning. We do not have your GSD pull weight until after they are over a year old. Heavy Weights? Not till after they are 2 y/o. Not because they could not. Because we want them to grow up first.



Teanna Shake Hands 2 2018-03-03

Dog's learn this so easily and Teanna was no exception. Showed her twice, learned for a life time.


Again. This is one of those tricks she does, just as her daddy does...with a bit of pizazz. She kinda tilts her head when she does a High Five and she is looking for that "Ta Da!" when she does it.


This is funny. Teanna, like her Sire/Daddy, Titus, 'Sit Up' just came natural. And Titus, as well as Teanna, and her 1/2 Brother Tychicus, do this.....Sit Up to Stand. They come straight up from a Sit Up to a Stand and stand there for a few seconds....kinda waiting for the laugh or, 'Good Boy/Girl'. Teanna also does the straight up from just a sit.....silly girl!


She is sooooo cute! She does these with exaggeration to them, JUST LIKE HER DADDY DOES! Funny what is 'bred in'.

A Doggy Push Up is a 'Sit' then 'Down', 'Sit' then 'Down'....kinda flowing so that it looks much like a human doing a Push Up.


This is Deron's Trick, not mine. I do not like a dog to lick my face....I see what they eat and lick.

Teanna is very very gentle and kind and easy when she Gives You A Kiss. But then, Teanna is very rough and raughty with dog play and such, but very very gentle around us.


Marna Teanna Hoop Training 2018-03-03

As a pup, still learning. She did jump it this day, her first ever with the Hoop, let's just say the photos were deleted...she is not jumping it 'pretty' yet.



Deron and I do not Backpack/Camp as much as we used to. But we do train each of our dogs to carry packs. We may not take as many dogs with us when we DO go Backpacking, now, just one each, but we do train each of our dogs to carry packs.

We have noticed that no one seems to go Backpacking like they used to. But something to keep in mind. Having a dog carry a Dog Backpack is not just for 'the woods' or just for 'camping out', it is also good for having your dogs carry your items in town. If you take your dog out and about with you, have them carry your items rather than you carrying them. Such as items from your purse and or your Tablet or Laptop.


THIS IS A NOTE I SENT TO FRIENDS we were talking about our dogs:

Funny thing happened.
Teanna, coming up on 8 months old, is a Natural Herder. She does not chase, she does not want to catch, but herd/move the other animals.
The other day Deron went out to feed. I heard all this yelling, I mean, I thought something had happened. Well? I did. But not what I thought.
Teanna had herded up the horses, goats, geese and ducks and had them so tight up against the barn door Deron could not get in.
He would move them off. Teanna would herd them right back. BAHAHAHAHAH BAHAHAHAHA
She is NOT trained to WORK or HERD them so that she is cued. She does this naturally. So? The "Dance out there".
Someone should train that dog. <laughs and winks>


Teanna Snowshoeing Katy Trail 2020.01.29 Teanna Snowshoeing with Deron 2020.01.29


1911 Gold Black

We Gun Shot Test or what is called Gun Test or Courage Test our puppies between 6 and 8 weeks old. We do not shoot too close to them at that age. Our own dogs, as pups, are retested when they are a bit older. At 9 months old months old, Teanna was NOT only not afraid of the 40 Cal Glock I was shooting (she was standing behind me) I swear it was like she thought she was 'in line' to shoot next. She also acted like she was trying to see the Make and Model of the Gun.

Yes. I know very well that the photo of guns are 1911s....


We like to have a lot of candid photos of our dogs on their pages. Candid, NOT STACKED (set up), so that you can see how they REALLY look.....and how much fun they have in life!

Teanna Goes Shopping 2017-10-21 Teanna Sleeping Under Marna 2017-11-14 Teanna Marna Hotel Room 2017-11-16 Teanna Black Friday Shopping 2017-11-24 Teanna Christmas Tree 2017-11-24 Deron Marna Teanna Christmas Balck Friday 2017-11-24 Marna Teanna Centenial Trail 2017-11-26 Teanna Deron Balck Friday 2017-11-24 Teanna and Tabaliah 2018-02-18 Snowshoeing Marna 2018-02-22 Deron In Charge 2018-01-29 Morning Walk 2018-02-04 Deron w 6 GSD 2018-01-28 Teanna Guard Dog Harness 2018-03-03 Napping GSD 2018-03-03 Teanna's Belle Fourche Bike Ride 2018-04-28

Female TT German Shepherd Dog Puppy 2017-09-14 German Shepherd Dog Puppy Stuffed Toy


The contents of this page for Meet Teanna is still under construction. Please check back later, we plan to add to this page for years to come.

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