Search & Rescue

SAR Police GSD

We have all seen them on TV News. The teams of dogs that are called out in a Disaster or when someone is Missing. These dogs are true Working Dogs with a very important Job. These dogs are true Heroes and so are their Handlers. These dogs are trained for scenting. There was a lot of time and training that went into these dogs before they were able to be certified to work at the places they were called out to help at. If you have ever seen a dog Track, you know what a beautiful thing this is.

In the "Dog World" (dog world = those folks that spend their lives with dogs and dog sports) Search And Rescue is commonly known as SAR. These "Dog People" work very hard to train their dogs, to gather all the information, so that their dogs can become SAR Certified and be able to help out in the next disaster. Many of these people travel with their dogs all over the World, at their own expense, to help people that have been victims of disasters. Hollywood No! THESE SAR PEOPLE AND THEIR DOGS ARE THE TRUE HEROS!

Did you know that some dogs ground scent and some dogs air scent and some dogs water scent and other dogs use their eyes to follow their prey? Different breeds of dogs find their quarry/prey/victim in different ways. Yes. Scenting is an instinct for dogs, but if you want a dog that is a Hero Search and Rescue Dog, you better have the time and talent and dedication that needs to be devoted to these Dogs and this Job.

All dogs will go off on their own and scent something. Many will go off on their own and find their own owners this way. But for a dog to learn to really search out people, dead or alive (they smell different and the dogs act different upon finding them), a lot of dedication and devotion has been put in by the dog's handler.

SAR Playmobil Set

Not all dogs will achieve the position of being called out for Search & Rescue. The truth is, not all dogs will "measure up". It could be the dog, but more than likely it will be the short fallings of the Handler. If the first dog you train for Search & Rescue dose not qualify, do not loose heart, try your next dog. Like I said, it takes a lot to train these dogs to their full extent in this area. Only the best are certified.

If Search & Rescue is a Job you would like for your Dog to have, please do a lot of Research and seek out help from someone who has trained dogs for this purpose. Read everything you can get your hands on, books and on line. Watch Videos, Join Classes, and work hard at this. Many times a Schutzhund Training Class or Club will offer SAR work. One day you will have a dog that could be a Hero too.

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-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
Tue, 30 Jul 2013 13:39:43 -0400

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