*Meet Titus*

*No Longer Living At Our Kennel*

Titus Sled Harness 2014-01-03 Titus Sit Stay 2016-11-01

Name on Registration Papers with the AKC: Titus Von Kazmaier

Titus was actually named in the mid 1980's, long before he or his father were even born. How? Why? When I had my first three German Shepherd Dogs (GSD or GSDs) I named them all "T" names from The Holy Bible. And since I was growing a GSD Sled Dog Team, I already had the next GSD's name picked out. When I decided to get back into GSDs, I wanted to continue that dream I had/have. Titus, was an early Christian and his name became a Book of the New Testament, in the Bible. The writing was actually a letter written to him from the apostle Paul.

Titus Sit Stay 2016-11-01

Click on Titus' AKC Name for a look at his impressive pedigree all the way back to the 1800's when the breed began. Titus Von Kazmaier

Titus is now a proven Stud Dog and you can see his puppies on our "GSD Puppy For Sale" page as well as a page for the Pup we kept from his first litter with Turquoise, "Meet Tychicus"; as well as a female, see "Meet Teanna" from Titus' second litter with Texas Tea.

Titus Sitting in the Pack 2014-02-10 Ttius Standing in Pack 2014-02-10

These photos were taken 02-10-2014. Titus is 6 months old in these photos. I think you can see how Regal he looks and the stand photo is his Natural Stance. I might be his "mom", but I think this is one nice looking GSD!

Titus 2013-8-18 five weeks old - breeder's photo

This is a photo of Titus that his Breeder took of him at 5 weeks old. I found out, over the months, over a year actually, of looking for the right GSD, that if I wanted one, or more, I would have to start looking On Line, over the Internet. It is hard, for me anyway, to pick out an animal over the Internet....but I have five equine, that is three horses, a pony and a donkey, I bought just that way. So. The search continued.

After pouring over photos on one site and then another site, another site, and yet more sites, and looking for that Original, Old Style, Classic Style, GSD.... I finally found an ad for a litter of GSD puppies in an ad not too far from us. But, of course, as it goes here, the GSD puppies were sold when I called. However, this Breeder was great. She sent me photos of her dogs as well as others, and links to a breeder in SD and the best part is/was that this Breeder also likes the Classic Style Dogs, so the information she sent to me was very helpful. Her female is out of the same breeder that Titus is from. The best part is I LOVE THE LOOK OF HER DOG! I am still on that Breeder's, the one I called but the puppies were sold, waiting list for puppies when she Breeds her dogs again. I do want a "team" after all. <grins>

Finally the day arrived to go and pick up puppies! I was as interested in seeing the adult dogs as I was to pick up and hold that puppy for that first time.

We pulled in the driveway, the dogs came out of the building and barked...out of the puppy dog door, out first, with an Orange collar, came Titus. The dogs looked around a few minutes, say no threat, and were quiet. When the breeder came out and we walked over, they barked. But when they saw her start opening kennel doors for dogs to come out and get attention, as they should, they were just fine with us...I WAS THRILLED TO SEE THIS! Not only that, but a well kept kennel with nice looking dogs that were in good condition. Made me relax, after thinking about (for weeks) all that could be wrong with buying a puppy over the Internet. I am pretty sure I will be going back and buying a little all black female, if and when one becomes available...I am on the list.

The trip home was no problem for Titus. For the first little while he rode on my lap...and loved all the petting and cooing and such. We stopped for him to potty and I put his collar and leash on him. It took him no time at all to learn to walk with me on it. I like these little collars, they light up, and for here at night, could be important.

His first day home, and he has a favorite toy (and the floor is full of toys to choose from.

A note sent out on 10-11-13

Titus is now learning to "Untie A Rope".
The trick is done when a bow or loose knot is tied in rope that is around a persons wrists, as if bad guys tied them up. The dog goes and pulls the rope off the person's hands, setting them free.
I started teaching it today, and I am telling you, he is already pulling a "looped" rope off Deron's wrist. I am so pleased.
How to teach it?
Teach the dog to "fetch" the rope. Then send the dog after the rope to bring it back to you. After they can do that, then from a sit, send the dog to the person's wrist and have them pull it off and bring is back to you.
Some dogs, and it seems Titus is one, will learn this in a couple of settings. Some dogs take longer at the "fetch" part of the trick.....since it is a piece of rope.
Anyway. I will try to get photos.
Titus now does "Sit", "Down", "Doggy Push Ups" (sit, down,sit,down,sit,down,sit.....), He "Shakes" hands, he "Fetches", he "Jumps Thru A Hoop" (well, comes through one, might not jump yet Ha3), he can come through an "Open Tunnel"......and let's see???? Comes when called, or whistled for. He also will cross two tires on their sides when asked to "over" them. He just started "Stand" last night. He is learning to "Go Potty" outside and on command. Yes. Training is going well. I wish I had more room, or that I could train outside......it is a MESS out there!

As I laid in bed on 10-11-2013 and heard Deron telling Titus and Tekoa to "Go To Bed" to have them get into their own crates for bed, it occurred to me what all Titus can do that I forgot or did not think of when I sent this note....He also....
"Load", gets into the crate in the backseat after a boost to the back seat from the ground.
"Give Me A Kiss" this is a one lick on my cheek
"Yawn" he is learning and doing well at yawning on command
"Find Daddy" he will go to Deron when I tell him this, Deron gives them a cookie when they arrive to him and sits
"Fetch" Retrieves and item that I toss for him
I am sure he knows other words we use. And he knows some hand commands, hands only commands, such as "sit", "down" and "come". He really is a smart one, this Titus. <grins>

In this video Titus and Tekoa were not yet 13 weeks old. We had had a Blizzard here the week before followed by rain, rain and more rain, so I had not worked them outdoors or with the Hoop, Tunnel or Tires for over a week. They knew more tricks at this stage, but were a bit too distracted to show them off. Deron carried me, then each puppy, then the props, then the camera and the chair we set the camera up on, over to the ONE area on 161 acres that was dry. We hope you will <click> "like" our video.

Titus 2013-10-30


At 15 weeks you can see how nice looking our Titus has become. He is such a fun and loving dog! He has a prance that he does when he is called and comes to you.

He is learning and doing so much! He knows all that I wrote above and is working or or has learned to:

Circle (walk turning in a circle)
Play Piano (with a Keyboard) and he LOVES this one!
Paws Up (put his front paws up on me or an object I point to) <he is a bit too loving this one>
Off (to get his paws OFF whatever he has them on, and was not asked to put them there)
High Five

2013-10-31  Titus, the Prince~Kiss Him, You'll See

This year, 2013, for Halloween, Titus dressed up as a Prince. Really. If you kiss that Frog a Prince of a puppy will love you back!

Titus Wenaha BackpackromFront 2014-03-28 Titus New Wenaha Backpack From Side 2014-03-28

These photos were taken on March 28, 2014. Titus was just 9 months old. He is filling out nicely and I love the way his Head Study is coming along. I took these photos so I could really see how Titus' new Wenaha Dog Backpack fit his body. It is (right now) filled with bubble wrap, that is why although one side more full, the panniers are balanced. I have been working with my GSD so that this Summer we can take a few Backpacking Trips with them.


Titus Sit Stay (two) 2016-11-01 Titus Sit Stay 2016-11-01 Titus Heel 2016-11-01

Time for a Few More Photos 11-01-2016

Tychicus Titus Running Free 2017-02-14 Titus Tychicus 2017-02-24

TITUS AND HIS SON (the one we kept from the Litter with Turquoise) TYCHICUS 2-24-2017

Tabaliah, Titus, Tychicus in rear 2017-02-24

Tabaliah is on the close left, with Titus, Tychicus is in the background. Same walk around our property on 2017-02-24

Note the power in Titus' movement, and that all four feet are OFF the ground!

Titus 'Sit' with Deron 2017-02-27

Out for a walk 2017-02-27, stopping for a cookie treat.


Titus learned Tricks VERY Easily! He is smart and clever and agile. If you look above there is a Video of him doing Tricks as a Pup. I wish I had taken more 'still photos' when he were younger. He always has had such a pretty face, one that lights up when he is around his people doing things with or for them.

Shake Hands:

Titus could 'Shake Hands' about the day after we brought him home. He used/uses his hands for everything naturally. All we had to do was add a 'cue words' for behavior to shape.

High Five:

High Five, very High Five.....he is a MASTER at this trick. Probably his favorite to do!


Again I say, Hand Tricks came very natural to Titus. Natural and Easy. He learned this very young, and will do it from a cue given a good ways off.

Titus Bullet Collar 2013-09-18

These tricks, "Shake Hands", "High Five" and "Wave", just came natural to Titus, he and his son, Tychicus, just seem to use their 'hands' to do things. Push open gates, reach out to people, they just seem to use their 'hands' like a person does.

Give Me A Kiss:

Deron taught Titus this trick. I must admit. I LOVE MY DOGS...they sleep in my bed, but I really do not like them to lick my face. ha ha

"Back Up":

At our house, BACK UP is not only easy to teach, it is essential! To teach "Back Up", a person usually takes their dog to a hallway and stands in front of their dog. Give the "Back Up" command/cue and walk toward the dog. At first some keep their dogs on leashes, gently giving cues with it as they work with the dog. The slightest move backwards is rewarded and built on.

Seriously. "Back Up" in our Tiny House, is learned early. And it is funny. I forget this is even considered a 'trick'....it is just normal here.

Jump Through Hoop:

Years ago, many years ago, I taught my first GSD and our Alaskan Malamute to 'Jump Through A Hoop'. At the time I lived in St. Louis County, MO, in a neighborhood. I was so proud of those two dogs Jumping Through That Hoop. I raised it higher and higher and they flew through it.....then one day, they jumped our fence and THAT became a habit for them. <sigh> Be careful with this trick. We no longer hold the Hoops very high when teaching this trick.

Titus learned this trick so fast, you can see in the photo below we started teaching him the "Jump Though Covered Hoop" when he was a young pup.

Jump Through Covered Hoop:

This dog, Titus, he LOVES to do tricks and tasks. I could was pleasantly surprised that he learned to Jump Through The Covered Hoop on the first try! Never hesitated once! He can Jump through with the whole Hoop covered.

 Titus Through The Covered Hoop 2013-11-09

This is a very young Titus coming through the Covered Hoop. To start we covered the Hoop with Newspaper. It is cheaper, for training and practice than Tissue Paper.

First he had to learn to Jump Through A Hoop, then little by little we added Newspaper to the outside corners of the Hoop, making the sizes of the Newspaper larger, until only a very small area was still open.

Untie Rope:

Titus learned this useful trick very young...you can see him untying a rope around Deron's hands when Titus was just 12 weeks old.

The trick to teach this trick is to start having the dog "Fetch" the rope first. From there you just build on as you train.

You can, if you choose, even train the dog to chew THROUGH a rope, if you like. If you were ever tied up by a bad guy....well?, it might come in handy.


Also learned very early and young.

Paws Up:

Titus will put his front 'Paws Up' onto an item or me, or someone, on command. That is, stand or sit with his front feet up onto something or someone.

Wears Clothes, Hats, Scarves and More:

St. Pat's Day Posse 2014-03-16

He not only will "Sit Stay" and "Wear Clothes", he also, as you can see in the photo, "Honors Other Dogs".

Holds Items In Mouth:

Titus will do this, but really likes to be taking the items somewhere. Like fetching, or bringing something to someone even if they do not ask for it.

Easter Titus German Shepherd Dog  2014-03-30

How cute is our Easter Bunny!

Plays Piano:

Titus learned/learns Tricks and Tasks very easily. But anything with those front feet of his, HE EXCELS IN! Playing Piano not only came easy to him, he loves doing it.

Sit Up:

OH YES! He sure does....with FLARE!

And.... Titus' Sit Up Stand

Titus Sit Up Stand 2017-02-27

This is a 'Titus Thing'. After a Sit Up, after he gets his reward for the 'Sit Up', he Stands STRAIGHT UP from the Sit Up. He started this as a pup and has always done it. It takes good hips and hip strength to do this task!

You can see in this photo how his tail and butt are coming up off the ground. Silly Boy.

[b]Push Ups:

TABALIAH TITUS SIT 2017-02-27 Tabaliah Titus Down 2017-02-27

Doggie Push Ups are 'Sit' then a quick 'Down', then a quick 'Sit', then a quick 'Down'....Titus is so cute doing these!

Deron is in these photos having Titus and Tabaliah doing 'Double Dog Push Ups'.


Titus will, on command, walk in a small circle. It is cute when doing a series of tricks one after the other. He also makes this a cute trick because he is such a very happy dog and LOVES all the attention and treats it brings him.

Find Daddy:

This trick is hard to show in a photo. But a clever one. If you click on the Video above, of Titus and Tekoa at 12 weeks doing tricks, you can see Titus "Finding Daddy".

Yawn on Command:

Funny. We had a Cocker Spaniel I taught this by rewarding her when she Yawned. I would say, "Gooooood Yawn!" and give her a treat. She caught on quickly to this and learned to 'Yawn' on command. Believe it or not, by watching her several of our other dogs caught on to this trick....Titus was one.

Honors Other Dogs and Pets

Easter 4T's 2014-03-30

Honoring other dogs and or other pets is important. What it means is that the animal that is Honoring does not interfere with what the other animals are doing....tricks or eating or working.

You can see in the photo that our GSD are lined up and wearing Bunny Ears. They are not grabbing at one another or the ears, they are leaving the Ears on their heads, they are sitting still...


Bar Jumps:

Tire Jumps:

Open Tunnel:

Titus Learning the Open Tunnel as a Young Pup

Titus Hoop 1 2013-09-14 Titus Hoop 3 2013-09-14 Titus Hoop 4 2013-09-14 TitusHoop 5 2013-09-14

Closed Tunnel:

Teeter Totter:

Sea Saw:


Titus Pulling a Tire 2014-04-10 Titus Pulling for the first time

Titus can pull many sorts of things. Here in these photos he is dragging an empty Ice Boat and an old tire, learning to pull in a Recreational Harness.

more to come


TTT Family Photo 3 2017-10-19

Titus does not just/only 'throw' nice puppies! He is kind to his 'be-get'. He has never lost his temper with the puppies as we walk the puppies out and about and they grab his tail or face.

This is a photo of Deron with Titus, Texas Tea and their Daughter, from their first litter, Teanna...whom we kept out of their first litter. She is out of Titus' second litter, he had one other with Turquoise the year before. We kept a male, Tychicus out of that litter....whom we were going to neuter, but he turned out so nice....we are waiting on that to see how he 'pans out'. Tychicus is growing into such a VERY nice dog! Beautiful and Smart! Built right and Clever!

Tychicus is a full brother of Hugo, below.



Titus x Turquoise 2016 Hugo Service Dog

This is a note I received from one of our Puppy Buyers About Titus X Turquiose Puppy 2016

Hi Marna,

We celebrated Hugo's 1st birthday and wanted to tell you how great he is doing! He has graduated his first two rounds of training with flying colors. We are still working on distraction training, once he is a little better with that he will officially be a service dog! He has been trained to alert me when people are talking to me that I can't hear and also to alert to the doorbell and text alerts on my phone. He also helps me get up off the couch when my leg is bothering me and retrieves dropped items for me. He has been trained to sit and press himself against me and rest his head on my shoulder when I am having a panic attack. We are also working with him on pressing the handicap accessible buttons to open doors and cross walk buttons with his nose. He loves having a job and being part of our pack. He's amazing! Thank you for our amazing boy!

Best regards,

The contents of this page for ~ Meet Titus ~ will remain under construction. Please check back often.

*Titus is out on loan. No! Not for breeding purposes! We have family in St. Louis, MO and he will be with them for a while.


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