Service Dogs

When I was a kid German Shepherd Dogs were called "Police Dogs". Everyone I knew called them that. And "Service Dog" used to mean dogs, any type or breed of dog, in the Military.

Now. People still rarely call German Shepherd Dogs by their correct name, calling them "German Shepherds", but it is closer. German Shepherd is actually a German Man that tends or works sheep or goats. The dog, has the word 'Dog' in the Name. Proper Name - German Shepherd Dog.

And "Service Dog", can mean so many different jobs, but much the same. A Dog that give Service to someone that needs a bit of help.

PTSD Dogs, Seeing Eye Dogs, Hearing Ear Dogs, Dogs that Carry items for people that can not, Dogs that are helping 'hands' to people in wheel chairs and so much more.

The contents of this page for Service Dogs is still under construction. Please check back.

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-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
Wed, 16 Nov 2016 13:49:44 -0500

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