Service Dogs

The Police Dog 1924 Book

When I was a kid German Shepherd Dogs were called "Police Dogs". Everyone I knew called them that. The book to the right is a book published in 1924...NO! I am not that old!

"Service Dog" used to mean dogs, any type or breed of dog, in the Military.

Now. People still rarely call German Shepherd Dogs by their correct name, calling them "German Shepherds", but it is closer. German Shepherd is actually a German Man that tends or works sheep or goats. The dog, has the word 'Dog' in the Name. Proper Name - German Shepherd Dog.

And "Service Dog", can mean so many different jobs, but much the same. A Service Dog is a Dog that gives Service to someone that needs a bit of help. A CERTIFIED SERVICE DOG actually has the Credentials, the Training, and is recognized by all Authorities and welcome in all establishments such as Stores and Restaurants and such.

Service Dogs are also called, PTSD Dogs, Seeing Eye Dogs, Hearing Ear Dogs, some are dogs that Carry items for people that can not, Dogs that are helping 'hands' to people in wheel chairs and so much more.


Titus x Turquoise 2016 Hugo Service Dog

This is a note I received from one of our Puppy Buyers About Titus X Turquiose Puppy 2016

Hi Marna,

We celebrated Hugo's 1st birthday and wanted to tell you how great he is doing! He has graduated his first two rounds of training with flying colors. We are still working on distraction training, once he is a little better with that he will officially be a service dog! He has been trained to alert me when people are talking to me that I can't hear and also to alert to the doorbell and text alerts on my phone. He also helps me get up off the couch when my leg is bothering me and retrieves dropped items for me. He has been trained to sit and press himself against me and rest his head on my shoulder when I am having a panic attack. We are also working with him on pressing the handicap accessible buttons to open doors and cross walk buttons with his nose. He loves having a job and being part of our pack. He's amazing! Thank you for our amazing boy!

Best regards,

The contents of this page for Service Dogs is still under construction. Please check back.

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-- The Working German Shepherd Dogs Team
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