Bi-Colored GSD

Gotthilf Von Der Kine - Tabaliah's ggg GrandSire


Bi-Colored German Shepherd Dogs have two colors, BLACK and BROWN or GRAY or AGOUTI, (of one shade or another). Bi-Colored GSD do not have the 'saddle' markings. Bi-Colored Dogs are Mostly Black. In fact, the color used to be called, "Almost Black".

This is a photo of one of Tabaliah's Great x many Grand Sires from a few generations back in her pedigree (that goes all the way back to the 1800's when the Breed Began). Note how nicely and correctly this dog is built. Tabaliah's Sire is also Bi-Colored, but also has more brown coloring on his body and face. He is Lovely too!

Many people, that own GSD, wrongly call Bi-Colored Dogs, Black Dogs. They are NOT Black. Bi-Colored GSD have their own unique beautiful coloring.

What is really a SHAME! is that some 'GSD breeders', call their Bi-Colored GSD, Black. Some do this with Dark Agouti too.....they should not be breeding if they do not understand colors of the Breed....and I wonder, is part of it that they want to sell these colors to people as Black....

If a Black German Shepherd Dog has ANY Shade of Brown, Gray, Sable, in it's coat, usually the legs, it is a Bi-Colored Dog, NOT Black. Thus, these markings on GSD USED to be called, "Almost Black".

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Jackie Kennedy with Clipper GSD Clipper Kennedy German Shepherd Dog

President John F. Kennedy and his family had many pets in the White House, one was a Bi-Colored German Shepherd Dog named Clipper.

In the photo of Clipper standing, you can see he is a pup with nice markings.

The Kennedy's were also Equestrians. Did you know that Caroline had a pony named, Macaroni!? In old Kennedy Home Movies, Newsreels, and Photos you will often see their GSD, Clipper, running with them as they rode their Horses and Ponies.

JFK Jr. also owned GSD in later years.

Tabaliah Tychicus Wagon Chirstmas Shopping 2016-12-20

Our own Bi-Colored GSD Dogs as puppies. Tychicus and Tabaliah, out socializing, working on "sit-stay", in December of 2016 at Runnings in Belle Fourche, SD.

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